Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation: Show Up

What a past weekend and I realize that this week is going to be just as busy. I have quite a few tasks to complete for school and for the girls. As I was driving to my running spot this morning, I heard a story about a young girl that kept her focus and faith for a few years and went from not being able to pole vault to betting her school’s record. The radio commentator said you the key thing was the young lady was determined to “Show Up” each practice and meet. The phrase “Show Up” was tacked to my thoughts during my entire train session — especially when I was close to my last interval session. I kept saying to myself – Maranda Show Up and you will almost be done… so I knew that I needed to find a motivational image with the phrase “Show Up”.

As you see in the corner this image comes from a site called Simple Reminders which has tons of inspirational images/quotes.  If you have a chance check the site out (Note I am not getting anything for the encouragement).

In my opinion means for us to be present and in the moment. You can not achieve success nor master something if you are not there.. I mean how can someone expect to get a good grade in a course if they never attend or do the work; how can someone expect to achieve a specific running pace if they do not practice or give it there all. For me I need to continually be present in everything that I do especially for my girls for I know that is my path to being the best. I am grateful that I heard this phrase this morning for it reminded me something that I already knew.

How about you — are you ready to “Show Up”?


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