Whats Cooking: Fruit snacks, Sweet & Sour Tofu, Mexican Shells

Today’s cooking post covers the past two weeks of recipes tried – I did not post last weekend due to the tea party. Although I cooked this week, I really did not try new things. I’m trying to get in a routine of prepping food for two nights of the week since I have a late class. You would think that even though my class gets out at 5:15 I would be okay BUT after picking up the girls and getting situated I am not in the mood to really cook.

Sweet & Sour Tofu

It seems that I cook most of my “asian” meals with tofu so I have been trying to find interesting recipes so we have more than our normal fried rice or lo main. I have to say this Sweet and Sour Tofu by Big Girls Small Talk was quite good with a bit a spice. I had never mixed my tofu with flour prior to frying but it helped for the tofu to be crispy – new twist on things. I did modify the recipe for I used snap peas and carrots — did not see a good selection of bok choy at the store.

Mexican Stuffed Shells

We had these babies last week and I actually had my leftovers this week with some guacomole.  I made two versions of this one with ground turkey and then black beans.  Since little K is not a big fan of Mexican I just gave her the shells with ground turkey.  I will say that I modified the recipe by trying different fillers but also used my own spices since I do not use processed taco mix.  Definitely will be making The Girl Who Ate Everything recipe again.

Homemade Fruit Snacks

As you know I am trying to recreate the girls favorite processed snacks at home.  My goal for some time has been fruit snacks for we go through them and fruit roll-ups.  The organic/natural ones are way too expensive and only last one day..while the mainstream ones are so high in sugar.  So the process is not bad BUT my version did not turn out like fruit snacks.. more like fruit jigglers.  I deviated from the recipe by using agar agar flakes (not cheap) which I learned later you have to experiment to get the right consistency.  Hopefully soon I will master it.


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