Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Happy despite the “heat”

Wednesdays already look like my rough day of the week — I am suppose to do my long runs on this day and I have two of my classes back to back in the afternoon. So I basically can only tackle a short amount of tasks before realizing how tired I am 😦

Right as I was thinking about which inspiration I would use today I saw this image come across my facebook feed:


Thought it would be quite fitting since the birthday tea party is a matter of days away 🙂  But seriously I can relate to this statement — even though I have quite a bit on my plate right now I still am grateful to have them.  I know that this second year of doctoral school is going to bring forth more gray hairs and I welcome them.  I see it as being happy despite the “heat” — you know on a hot summer day the heat is intense and scorching but you still have fun and eventually the heat does not even phase you.  That is how I am hoping to approach this year — I mean it is weird that even though I did not tackle that many tasks I still had a moment of peace between classes, had a great run, and enjoyed my time with family.  I was able to be grateful for some things even though I have more tasks piling on my plate.

Question becomes are we going to sing or grumble when we are placed in a heated situation?  Are we going to let the yuck take over and prevent us from even enjoying the small glimpses of bliss?  I hope that I continue  being happy despite the hot and sticky moments!


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