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Moment of Truth: Shopping with kiddos

As you know I am in the midst of planning a birthday tea party for Little K which is this weekend, well it is now crunch time and I have quite a few things to do these last couple of days which include crafting and picking up items.  We shopped for a long time this past weekend getting school clothes, party items, and groceries for our weekly meals.  Naturally, I did not purchase everything needed which meant that I would need to make pit stops throughout this week.  The thought of running errands with the girls during “crunch” period made me slightly cringe this morning — and reminded me of this ecard image I recently saw on Facebook:



Trust me – “I LOVE MY KIDS” but I prefer shopping alone majority of the time.  Between the bickering or request for items not on the list — it takes FOREVER to leave the store.  And it is worst when I do not have a list for it becomes random shopping moments and I typically do not get anything that I need for the week.  A repeated scenario in our shopping excursions is I go down an aisle/spot and forget what I need and mozy on to the next three aisles when I remember or see it on the list that I make.

I can honestly say that it was not bad when I had just one child but now that it is doubled it has become harder.  I TRY  to go grocery shopping alone but these past couple of weeks it has not worked out that way…. Last year it was a Friday afternoon routine — run errands and grocery store before picking the girls up from school.  I honestly can not pinpoint how it changed to us going on Sundays after church but I will definitely try to get it back to where I can go by myself soon — especially since this second year of doctoral school is already guaranteed to be harder than last year.

Ironically, I know that I am not alone and that it is not just a single parent experience.. As I drive the “car style” cart down the aisles other parents laugh or say “that is why mine are at home” — they empathize with my pain for they have had their own experiences.  Not to sidetrack BUT who on earth created those car carts — I mean seriously they are hard to navigate and what I use to think was an advantage has become a thorn and I do a shout of joy when they are all out. Those other parents have either mastered a technique to shop without the kids OR they are blessed to have someone watch the kiddos so they can peacefully shop.  You know I have even considered hiring a babysitter just to go shop but then I would be broke for me shopping longer than needed 🙂

If I have an entrepreneurial reader — here is an idea for grocery stores/mega stores — have a daycare inside the store.  Just like my beloved Ikea — a place where the kiddos can stay in a confined area with the luxury of entertainment and other kids while their parent(s) can freely shop.  And if there is an issue you can beep them or make a call on the intercom.  I know it has liability concerns BUT think of the rewards for the store and the increase in customers 🙂

While looking for the ecard image — I came across a cartoon from nickmom which had me chuckle.  If you have a chance check it out — I will have to take some time to browse through the site for other funny cartoons from the perspective of a mother 🙂

Interesting cartoon from nickmom



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