Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation – Always a Way

It is Labor Day weekend and I really have not had a break 🙂  We did have some veg moments which let us have some family time between errands.  My mission for the week is to stay ahead on my coursework/assignments while tackling research items — soon I can discuss one of my projects for we are in the research approval stage 🙂

Today’s motivation is based on this image:


 What a powerful statement and visual portrayal of the words.  I mean with faith, persistence, patience, and dedication your tasks/goals will get achieved.  This is definitely appropriate right now with my current life chapter — there are moments when things look dim and then they finally happen.  I mean just a few weeks ago we did not have a car and I was slowly getting worried but I still had faith that a car would happen I just had to wait for the right one.  We carried on our daily tasks using alternate transportation, I kept looking on the used car resources, and patiently waited when finally our car came.  One thing my faith has taught me is that the timing always works for our benefit and is properly aligned to our needs.  I now realize that if the right car came sooner we would of been BROKE but the car came around the same time my financial aid arrived so that I could handle the car and still have provisions for September bills.

Is there something you are worried about or are doubting on really occurring — stay focused, trust, and wait for it.  Don’t throw in the towel just yet for things always have perfect timing.  Be like the clovers and be creative to make your mark and achieve your dreams!

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