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Fab Five Friday

Whew what a week, despite the start of a few things it has been pretty good. We’ve ended the day with a visit to the pool since they will be closing in a matter of days. Unfortunately, we are to get rain this Labor Day weekend so we tried to get it in while warm and sunny.

Here is the fab five for the week:


1- Our New Car:  The car had its first fix early in the week – the brakes, so we got to drive around this week.  I still have to fix a few more things but can do it over time.  I’m very grateful for our blessing especially with me starting classes.

2- Bubble Tea: One of the items on my birthday month celebration was to visit Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea and try one of their specialties.  I have to say that I liked my Wacky Watermelon bubble tea… the owner let me try samples of the bubbles (tapioca beads, mango poppers, coconut jellies) but my favorite was the tapioca for it was chewy.. neat aspect to get in your drink.  I do plan on getting another one soon!

3- Wood Art Piece: I finally got to return to my kickboxing (PUNCH) class this week.  It has been quite weird not going but needed the girls to be in school and a vehicle to go.  Well they have opened up another location and this piece is on the wall.  It felt wonderful hitting the bag and between that and training my body is sore.

4- Unique Asian Figurines: While searching for tea cups for Little K’s birthday party I saw these figurines at a local vintage store called Street Scene.  They have tons of nice vintage items for women, men, and candy lovers 🙂  The girls had fun looking at the interesting vintage hats while I liked some of the decor and candy selection.

5- Handmade Paper Bookmark:  The bubble tea is retailed in a unique gift shop/bookstore, and customers can walk around while waiting for their tea.  These unique handmade paper bookmarks are made by an artist named Kayote but I can not locate any web presence for her.

What fab findings were you graced with this week?


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