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Monday Motivation – Good Mood

I hope everyone has had a good start of the week — I decided to stay at home so I could get some housework done and work on an article revision – hmm got the housework but still have not touched the article.  Additionally, I started my training for my second half marathon this morning and at the same time raised some money for the Feeding America organization through Charity Miles.  It is as if while I am getting in shape I am also doing a good deed for others — tackling poverty and ensuring people are fed with no extra effort than what I would normally do.  Yes I know it isn’t much money BUT every little bit adds up and with me training for this half I will be running constantly.  Today’s motivation quote:


While running I had people give me a smile or thumbs up showing my support — which is always a great motivator.  What was ironic was while we waited for the bus (before my run) I tried to encourage a lady running with her friend.  She was ready to give up and her friend was cheering her on to the next light.  It is like “Paying It Forward” — I encouraged someone and then others encouraged me.  Which means you have to constantly try to be positive and in a good mood — for it will rub off onto others.  Imagine if everyone was in a good mood — what impact would that have on our society?


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