Moment of Truth: ready for my birthday


While waiting in line for a free lunch – the assistant for one of the college assistants was like “man you are just glowing in happiness today”. I just laughed and was like well — It’s my birthday eve!  It is hard to believe that in a matter of hours I will be turning 38.  As you remember at the beginning of the month, I decided to try something new and celebrate my birthday all month – which has been going quite well.  Thankfully I get to have fun even after my birthday and I will recap how things went at the end of the month.

Ironically another person in the line was like “man I dread birthdays” and I felt bad for them.. for I use to have moments when I dread my birthday.  I can’t quite remember the root of my dislike of that birthday — maybe it was just a bad moment, fear of getting older, or the idea of being alone on that day.. but that is not the case anymore.

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I no longer regret/dread my birthday for I know it means I’m getting another year to experience life and adding more knowledge.  I find it an honor to provide some of my wisdom based on past experiences, to guide others, and most importantly to fall more in love with myself.  It is amazing that as you get older you care less about what others think and that you are delighted in who you are and what you can bring to the table.So 38 I am ready for  you and what experiences I will have over the next 365 days 🙂


1 thought on “Moment of Truth: ready for my birthday”

  1. Life is never guaranteed. You don’t have to live another year. That’s why it’s good to live the birthdays up!

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