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Wednesday Wisdom: Strive for Improvement

It is “hump” day and it has been quite a busy one BUT well worth it!  Here is the image/statement for our post today:


Besides being a doctoral student, daughter, and mother – I try to be involved within the community and my children’s schools.  Like most people I tend to get involved with organizations/causes that I am passionate about which include poverty and education.  You know it use to be help at this center or donate items to a local angel tree.. but here lately I have realized I need to do more and better yet I can do more.  Using my talents and skills to make a difference in our society and will benefit not only myself but others.  Striving for improvement..

From the perspective of my being a mother, yes I spend quality time with my kiddos and yes I am involved but do I do the best that I can be?  Striving for improvement was one of the reasons I wanted to try to create more nutritional meals for them — limit the amount processed foods in our household.  You know at the end of the day I want to build great memories with the girls — I want them to see my love and care for them extends beyond material possessions.. that I value all aspects of them their mind, body, and spirit.  At the same time of my own personal strife I also want to instill the desire within the girls.. to not settle.

The question becomes are we settling or are we striving for improvement?  I know that I still have areas that need improvement and will happen in proper self-reflection.  How about you — are you striving for improvement in all areas of your life?  I encourage you to partake in self-reflection and then take the proper steps to reach your ultimate self!



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