Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation – Make the Most

I offically started my second year of doctoral school today! I have to attend a teaching assistant orientation these next couple of hours.. Trust me I am not a happy camper about it since I taught in college and this is not my first assistantship experience. BUT I have always bee the kind of person to try to make the most out of what you are handed and try to learn one new concept at any conference I attend.

That is why I selected this image for our Monday Motivation (as well I like the colors/design):

20130819-172100.jpgYou know this isn’t just applicable for me attending a conference — you have to grateful for what you are blessed with and make the most of it.  For example, we live in a townhouse now and I am trying to decorate it and make it our home — no it is not a house (like we lived in) but it is our residence until I graduate.  OR when I am cooking I have to work with the items in my kitchen and make it taste good while nutritional.

It’s like the phrase “Work With What You Got” – don’t you think?


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