What’s Cooking – Cupcakes, breakfast bars, honey dijon fish

I realize that I did not post a Fab Five yesterday but I got wrapped up in my birthday!  I was able to purchase our new to us Subaru Legacy Outback for a decent price.. it has low mileage and needs a new muffler/front brakes.  Although, I did not  get to go out it was good spending time with the kiddos.. it was really funny for Little K did not believe it was my birthday since I was not having a party and I had to break down and purchase a cake piece for she said I had to have cake.  It is amazing how children embrace and treasure their birthdays but adults do not.  I’m so glad that I did the birthday month celebration for it has made it fun.. I got to see my grandmother/aunt today for lunch and got a free sundae for my birthday 🙂

Now let’s see I did some cooking just about everyday this week and they went by okay.

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes (homemade batter)

While out for Sunday lunch with family I saw a picture of some Pineapple Upside Down cake and wanted some… but naturally wanted to make my own.  So I whipped up these homemade cupcakes that I had seen in a recipe by Spoonful.  It was so yummy and I partnered with some artisan vanilla ice cream.

Blueberry/Almond Breakfast Bars

Unfortunately the picture does not do the bars justice.. I completely forgot to take a picture fresh out of the oven or during the day time.  My kitchen light sucks 😦  I saw these on my FB news feed by Iowa Girl Eats last week and wanted to try them as an afternoon snack.  In the recipe she uses dried blueberries and since I had fresh blueberries on hand I also experimented making my own dried blueberries.  SUPER easy — I just rinsed my blueberries and put them in the oven on LOW heat for about 3 hours.  The bars were a success with me and Big K.. And she has already asked me to make them again.

Honey Dijon Fish with Citrus Veggie Couscous

As you know we eat seafood more than poultry in our house but I always need to add variety since lemon/pepper baked fish is boring after awhile.  So I thought I would try a Honey Dijon Fish recipe that I found on 5 Dollar Dinners...tasted great BUT the girls thought it was weird tasting which was probably the Dijon.  I partnered it with some citrus veggie couscous from Our Family Eats, which was a success with Big K — she took the leftover in her lunch.  I modified the couscous by using frozen vegetables since I am not a fan of canned.

So what’s cooking at your house?


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