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What’s Cooking: Pasta, Potatoes, Breadsticks, Muffins, and Pizza

I tried quite a few new recipes this week which was an experience — I am not posting one of them for I burnt the rice (dinner flop). Reckon you can have bad results after some good ones 🙂

Crockpot version of Baked Pasta Shells with Homemade garlic breadsticks

I’ve made crockpot version of baked spaghetti and wanted to try it again with a different pasta shape — shells. Nothing hard about it – put sauce as your first layer, then add pasta, cheese, another layer of sauce, pasta, cheese and another thing of sauce. Cook in crockpot on low or high until noodles are tender to preferred taste.

I partnered the pasta with some homemade garlic breadsticks that I saw on The Country Cook. These were quite easy BUT my breadsticks were flat at the bottom so I need to figure out what to change when I make them again. The girls loved them despite the shape no as expected!

Crockpot Au Gratin potatoes

When I was planning our weekly meals I had a craving for some cheesy potatoes — so I searched for an interesting way to make au gratin potatoes. The recipe by Miz Helen’s Country Cottage was quite easy and the potatoes tasted good. My advice is to adhere to low heat settings — I put it on high for the girls selected it at the last minute. (Note – I select my meals for the week but do not assign the date).

Banana Blueberry Muffins

I wanted to experiment with making an afternoon snack for the girls so I tried these Banana Blueberry Muffins by Kitchen Confidante. YUM is all I can say – I halved the recipe for only had time to make six… We had one for snack and then me and Big K had another for our lunch the next day. I will definitely make these again true to the recipe so that I can freeze them for later.

Mexican Pizza with homemade Crust

If you have not noticed but Mexican is a common meal in our house — makes great for meatless meals! I saw a recipe for homemade pizza crust in All You magazine so I partnered it with a Mexican Pizza crust by Crazy For Crust. The actual pizza recipe is quite easy — I naturally did not use canned beans. I gave everyone a side salad which tasted yucky for the lettuce did not taste right. I will definitely make the crust again for a regular pizza recipe to make on our movie nights.

BTW — I did go to the farmer’s market today but really did not get much for we stopped there in between our visits to an art fair and a celebration at the local children’s theatre. What’s cooking in your home?


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