Fab Findings

Fab Five Friday – post-its, symbols, and chalk art

We have had a great Back To School week and do not forget that I’m hosting a giveaway for lunch containers by Fit & Fresh. You can enter the through this post.

In addition to fab findings I’ve had opportunity to do some personal and educational tasks this week.  One of the week highlights  happened today — I am in the process of doing some grassroot organization work related to poverty and today I got to meet others interested in helping (one being a good friend from our hometown).  I have not really talked about my near and dear topics , such as poverty, but I am sure more will be revealed from now on.  Poverty is a global concern and “we the people” need to start advocating for change and encourage others to voice their concerns while taking actions to diminish it.

Ideally I would of done some fab five items related to school BUT I really was not on the lookout for specific fabs.. I definitely will remember to do so on future theme items like next week which is all about BIRTHDAYS!   So my fab findings for the week:

Fab Five Friday August 16, 2013

1 – What your really thinking Post It Notes – One of my meetings today took place at the eclectic Third Street Stuff and Coffee which I have mentioned in a past fab five friday.  Well they have changed the layout of the place so while walking around I noticed these cute post it notes.  I can totally see me writing some note during a conversation and literally thinking “WTF” or “DUH”.

2 – Chalk Art/Quote –  We sat outside for our meeting at the coffee house and right next to our bench was this artwork/quote.  “We are all made of Stars” spoke to me — to remind me that we all have a talent or something to share/give and we just need to let it shine!  It is amazing how society always focuses on the rich and fabulous when there are tons of stars making a difference in our world and helping others.  Like I posted the other day we have to stay true to our selves in order to really make a difference.

3 – Sankofa in the midst of Iron Fence – As you know we are riding the bus/walking to reach places right now..well Big K’s school is in a historic part of downtown Lexington so you find unique architecture.  I noticed this gate on our trial trip to her school.. Immediately I thought about the Adrinka symbol – Sankofa – which stands for return and get it.  I am pretty sure the designers of the gate intended for the design to be based on a heart.

4 – Rooftop sculpture – I was at the main library and noticed this sculpture through the window.. funny how you have to be up high to notice neat aspects of the city.  I would have never known about this piece if I was not up high 🙂

5 – Smiley face mats –   The girls noticed these while we were grocery shopping the other day – I personally would not hang these in my kitchen BUT I could see it part of a classroom.

What fab findings did you see this week?


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