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Back To School Try It: Fit & Fresh Lunch Containers + Giveaway

It is weird that the first week of school is almost complete for the girls.  I started back on campus today and have already gotten tasks to complete for new research work, which also means that my break from late nights has ended.  Besides making sure we have a set morning and night routine, a big aspect of school is what everyone will eat for lunch.  Now Little K’s lunches are provided at her preschool so I typically do not stress over them except to make sure they have her milk.; and  I typically take my lunch to campus with random purchases when I have a craving for Mediterranean (something I have not mastered)…

Big K is the main person that I take deep consideration in on school lunch for she is selective and I’m not a fan of cafeteria food.  Now I will say that cafeteria food has advanced and they try to provide healthier options BUT they are limited.  I will also admit that every now and then Big K will get cafeteria lunch but it typically happens when I have pulled an all-night study session OR we do not have anything in the house.

I decided that I would really try to make school lunch a priority this year and focus on making more homemade items versus the processed products — which in our home is the soup, fruit snacks, and granola bars.  A typical lunch for Big K is a sandwich or crackers with a topping or soup.  I have begun researching what others serve for healthy school lunches and thought of what would make her interested to eat her entire lunch (I know I am not alone on a child that will waste a sandwich).

Once you know what type of food to pack in your lunch you have to take into consideration the containers and how to make sure the lunch remains proper temperature and safe for our environment.  When Big K started first grade we made the switch to reusable containers and reusable sandwich bags – with the best option being containers.  I know there are various options out there but our favorite containers are made by Fit & Fresh.

We began using their containers after our move to Lexington — we had seen them in a store and I appreciated that the chiller was attached to the container.  Having it all in one prevents someone forgetting to pack the chiller OR having multiple chillers on hand OR your child accidentally tossing the chiller.  Additionally, the chiller does not have to be put with the container — you can just use the container for non-cold items.  Another luxury about the containers is that you can microwave them which is perfect for me taking leftovers in my lunch.

Fit & Fresh has a variety of containers to select from but the faithful ones in our home are the lunch pod and the cup chillers.  The newest products now have soft touch lids and the chillers coordinate with the color of the top (which was a wow for Big K).  For fun they also have interactive lunch pods such as the Basketball lunch pod (which we own), and they also have a selection of bento box containers for those parents who like the ability to put the meal in one container.  Finally my other love of these containers is that everyone can work with them and not ask for assistance by me or a person at their school — and I can use them just for the home.. I constantly put my cut up smoothie fruit in a container and freeze it.

I thought I would provide you images of our Big K lunches for the week.

Thursday lunch using new Fit & Fresh containers – egg and blueberry/banana muffin with sliced pears
Wednesday Lunch: PB&J Dino sandwiches with pretzels/fritos and pluot

As you can see the lunch pods allow for you to have multiple components in the lunch with the use of silicone muffin cups or other lunch accessories.  We typically use two containers for one lunch but I do plan on investing in a Fit & Fresh bento box to reduce the amount of dishwashing at night.  You can also see in the Thursday picture the coordinating chiller for the pears cup container.

In an effort to encourage others to use Fit & Fresh containers – I have partnered with Fit & Fresh to offer my readers a giveaway!


Back To School Giveaway Items – set of 2 cup chilled containers and a lunch pod/2 cup container

 I have three sets you could enter to win:

  1. One set of the lunch pod and 2 cup chiller
  2. Two sets of two 2 cup chillers
 All you have to do is submit a comment on your favorite school lunch options, what type of meals you prepare for school lunch, or what you would like to try for a school lunch option.  The giveaway will end at midnight on August 22, 2013.   At that point I will randomly select the winners from the comments.  You can increase your entries by also liking The PhD Single Mom on facebook and telling me in a comment.
Good luck!


21 thoughts on “Back To School Try It: Fit & Fresh Lunch Containers + Giveaway”

  1. We mainly stick with a sandwich of some sort (grilled cheese or turkey), then a cheese stick, and some fruits and veggies. Super simple meals for my picky eater.

      1. she doesnt mind a cold grilled cheese–as long as nothing but the cheese touches the bread! For as picky an eater as she is, this one always surprises me! We do warm soup in an insulated thermos–i heat it really hot and by lunch its still warm, but not too hot.

  2. Our lunches always consists of something from each of the healthier food groups! It makes it easy for kids to pack their own lunches as well.

  3. We do cereal for lunch sometimes. A great surprise for my little guys. They love it and its so easy for me when I’m running late.

  4. I fix a half sandwich, cut up veggies or fruit, sometimes yogurt and a snack or crackers formy little guy. I’d like to try muffins and tortilla roll-ups to make things different. I love the idea of these self-contained chiller boxes and would really like to try them!

  5. My kiddos like to make home made pizzas on whole wheat english muffins. They pack some tomato sauce to spread, some cheese to sprinkle and some pepperoni to top off. The sides are what vary: fruits could be watermelon, banana, apple, clementine, peaches or grapes (whatever’s on sale that week) and a choco milk. I know they’ll tire of the pizza soon… I’ll have to come up with something else. Other things I’ve done: ham or balogna sandwiches, cheese and crackers, yogurt and cereal…

  6. I would love to send the “bento” type lunches with my boys. I think they would eat a variety more than a lot of the same. I usually send a turkey sandwich, gogurt, apple, and goldfish. I send carrot sticks that are rarely eaten.

    1. Right now my solution until I can afford the “bento style boxes” is the silicone muffin holders. Try mixing the carrots within the sandwich (like eyes) or cutting them in a different.

  7. I used to love having a salad bar. I wish I had a cafeteria at work, because my packed lunches are hardly imaginative. My son is still in day care, and they provide lunch, so we don’t have to worry about packing his lunch just yet!

  8. We love little wraps with lunch meat, hummus, cheese and throw some spinach in there (and he doesn’t even realize 😉

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