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Back To School Wednesday Wisdom – Be Different

School has started in the Miller household! I personally tossed and turned so it was quite easy for me to wake up early. I went with a simple breakfast of just plain waffle topped with white peaches(fried) for the girls — I did not want to make it to heavy. We basically had no complications EXCEPT the Lextran was running slow today which made me and Big K a little anxious that she would be tardy on the first day. We made it on time with a few minutes to spare BUT Big K was complaining as we walked to her school from the bus stop..saying “MOM PLEASE GET A CAR NOW”…I put it in all caps for her tone was that explicit 🙂

Keeping with the theme of Back To School, the wisdom is based on this image that was in my newsfeed awhile back.



It was oddly fitting for the day for I talked with Big K in the morning on not caring what others think and just be herself.  My daughter is a wise and fact-seeking student for her age.. already knows what she wants to be/do (astronaut) and does her own thing.  Although we have experienced minor instances of her being picked on by the “popular” kids nothing has made her question who she is NOR change her ways.  I’m grateful that educators and most of the children she associates with embrace who she is and encourage her.  For example, her buddy at this school is another wise girl and they both compliment and encourage each other to be successful.    I hope Big K continues to stay true to herself despite what others think BUT I would be naive to think she will not hit bumps.

I remember that I was similar to her — I mean I am good at math and science — I will admit I am a nerd 🙂  My unique trait was the ability to also get along well with the popular kids  and they rarely gave me a hard time.. Don’t get me wrong I had my own instances of being picked on for my quest for knowledge and appreciation of the sciences.  I just never really let it bother me for I was driven to reach my dreams and if that meant I had to be smart and different so be it.  It is funny my parents always told me to not care what others thought for when I get older those people might still be wishing they were.. and here I am doing the same thing for my kiddos…

So Elaine Dalton’s quote speaks the truth — we have to be different in order to make a difference in society and our lives.  As students are returning back to school (old and young).. they have to make a decision are they focused on reaching dreams OR fitting in.. As parents/family/friends/mentors/educators we need to encourage students to be true to who they are and focus on making a difference!  At the end of the day those are the people that make the most impact in our society.


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