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Back To School Try It – Crayon Pencil Holder

School in Fayette County starts tomorrow! I’m part of the Parent Teacher Association for Big K’s school. Myself and the family resource center coordinator had discussed giving the teachers a gift when school started during teacher appreciation week in the spring. After doing research on Pinterest, we finally agreed on making crayon pencil holders.

Crayon Pencil Holder

Most of the projects I saw used glass or soup cans.. well since we do not really eat much canned soup I decided to try it with some peanut canisters that a family member was about to recycle. (Worked out perfect for we only needed something for the homeroom teachers).  Using the referenced materials, I just followed these easy steps to make the holder.



  • Peanut canisters – rinsed and wrapper removed
  • Crayons (takes about 40+ crayons per canister) OR Pencils (takes about 43+ pencils per canister)
  • Hot Glue/regular glue
  • Ribbon (I found mine on clearance :))
  • Paper (red, brown, green) for apple


  1. Take your clean peanut canister and place a dab of hot glue at the top and bottom of the can (vertically upright).
  2. Place a crayon/pencil over the glue dabs
  3. Repeat for entire can
  4. Take ribbon and hot glue around crayons/pencils
  5. Cut out apple template from red paper and estimate leaves/stem from green/brown paper.
  6. Using regular glue form the apple and adhere to the ribbon with hot glue.

Viola we had pencil holders made of crayon/pencils!    The craft was fun for Big K as well — she focused on making the apples.  Earlier today me and Big K walked around the school giving each teacher their gift! You know the smiles on their faces and little hugs they gave Big K was a wonderful experience. As an educator, I know how the school year can get rough and you feel unappreciated so what a great way to start the year off. It was especially neat for Kaya to give the holders to her past and new teacher.   After some of the special area teachers saw the gifts, we have decided to make some more for them — now I have to start eating peanuts 🙂

Finished Products

Here is the apple template that I used for the apple part for you to print.

Apple Template

Hopefully you have fun making the holders!


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