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Back To School – Motivation Monday

With the kiddos starting school this week, all of the posts will be focused around the Back To School theme! Today me and the girls enjoyed our last sleep in weekday since tomorrow we will start our typical morning routine. You know that wake up early, make sure lunch is ready, and make a good breakfast (time permitting). I will say every now and then I will let us sleep a little bit longer ESPECIALLY the morning after me pulling a late paper writing night.

I got the following image this morning in my facebook newsfeed and thought how fitting for a back to school motivation.


I am a HUGE Winnie the Pooh fan so naturally I liked it but I think this quote encourages our kids to embrace the new school year. (as well us older students) Unfortunately, some students doubt their abilities and lack confidence in their educational strengths.  As parents (and educators) we need to always remind our children that they are smart and to put their best effort towards their work.  Unlike what most parents think our children truly listen to our words and so our goal should be to build them up and be their number one supporters/cheerleaders!

I’m reminded of how Little K has been walking around the house with her new folder, pre-school workbooks, and pencil case saying she has to do her homework.  Mind you she has no homework but she wants to be a big kid like her sister so bad 🙂  I take time to say good job and check it for her…I want her to keep that joy of doing homework when she does actually go to kindergarten.

What are you doing to motivate your children about returning to school?



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