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Fab Five Friday – Math & Art focused

It is Friday and only a few more days before the girls return to school. To celebrate their completion of summer reading we got tickets to our local minor baseball game…it started raining as we got there so got blessed with this rainbow. BUT the rain would not stay away so we had to leave, which was a bummer but we will have a movie night to make up for it.

The fab five for the week:

Fab Five Friday 8/9/13

1 – Storm water mural – I came across this storm water drain artwork while walking to a bus stop downtown ( for Lexington folks it is near the Kinkos).

2 – Poster for combinations – While researching for the family math night, I came across this poster about using art to show mathematical combinations. I wish I could find the original poster for I want to purchase and hang in my office. I really like how you can make combinations with objects but especially numbers.

3 – Pie graph sticky notes – Came across this item in the Target Dollar section — neat way to take notes or remind yourself what needs to be done.

4 – Dead flowers – While running I came across this little old Lexington groups of homes… reminded me of a side street of homes in Louisville.. like a hidden gem. Anyway, I saw these dead stalks/blooms of a flower and stopped running to take a picture… I have no clue what type of flower it was BUT I find it amazing how dead nature-based objects still have a beauty about them.

5 – Circular window – Funny how you never notice something until you really look. Well walking to my campus building I saw this window and was like wow pretty neat. I like the bar flowers and how it fits into the brick arch design.

What fab findings did you come across this week?


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