Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom – Patience

As you know I am searching for a car due to being rearended in June. I honestly hate the search and having to decide between payments/no payments is a thorn in my side. Until I get a car, we either take the bus/trolley or get a ride to run errands and take Little K to school. I came across this image while waiting for our bus the other day…

It was fitting for at that moment I was frustrated for we missed the bus due to a misprinted map. Add onto that the girls were tired and getting whiny. We all have to remember that patience is our allie/friend. We take on this rush mentality and possibly miss something. Even though the bus can be a thorn at times – we have been able to get exercise, talk more, and admire parts of the city. It has also given me a chance to appreciate our blessing to still get around and become aware on how good we had it with our car. For example, today getting off the bus a man carrying multiple bags of groceries dropped some. I picked them up and offered to help which he said no. Made me think how we haven’t had to do that yet – carry multiple things on there.

Although I hope to locate a car soon I will patiently wait for the right one – and try to enjoy our present transportation options.


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