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Monday Motivation – Being an Example

Today the girls got to go to our local skate/game center for FREE — it was one of the rewards for completing the Lexington summer reading program.  Little K started out with the beginning skates (where you can wear shoes) and was basically okay on her own — it was adorable watching her trying dance while skating.  But she noticed her sister and other kids in the regular roller skates and said she wanted them.  I was hesitant about it for I knew that meant falls…. but I agreed and we traded them out.  She had her moments where she could handle the skating by my side without holding my hand (at times she purposefully would stop to make sure she could stand up)…

Big K had been doing her own thing but seeing her sister with the new skates she would try to come and offer her assistance and then she did a proud momma action — she lead her sister to the carpet area saying – “Let’s go over to the carpet where it is easier… if you practice over here you will be able to handle the main floor” – And off they went.

(Sorry for the random person in the shot)  Watching them skate reminded me of this image that I saw the other day:

As parents we hold multiple hats with one being a role model for our children.   Knowing that our children watch our every moves we need to provide them positive examples so that they become good citizens of our society…we hope right!  This aligns with all aspects of our lives such as moral values, treatment of others, views of self, and physical/mental/emotional well-being.   Take for instance education — my girls can not say their mom does not value it  — I mean working on the diamond of degrees right now.

Besides being models for our children, we are also examples that society references.  As a single parent we are constantly being judged or viewed badly and our children are typically labeled.  My parents are divorced and I had friends being raised by single parents so I was blessed to learn the rights/wrongs of single parenting way before I made the decision to become one.  One reason why I was motivated to start this blog — I want other single parents to know it is possible to be a single parent and achieve your educational dreams.  Additionally, encourage you to do the best for your children and self with whatever resources you possess.

So know the question becomes are you being a positive or negative example, and what steps do you need to take to ensure you are?


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