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Moment of Truth: Ready for school to Start

I know I typically do not post on Sundays but I was trying to talk on the phone and the girls were whining, fighting, and crying and I thought OHHH I need to post this.

A few days ago I saw the Payless Shoe SourceBack To School” commercial of the mother enjoying the peace from her kids back in school — and completely related to the commercial.  No I do not need to purchase and shoes for my kiddos right now BUT I’m ready for school to start so I can have a little bit of sanity back.   Then I saw this postcard being retailed by Zazzle….


I remember when Big K started kindergarten I was dreading school to start for that meant my baby was growing up and I cherished our time together.  And as most know I love my girls and make the most of our time together… BUT they are making me get more gray hairs 🙂  The “MOM she is hitting me”, crying from a sister taking something, the constant “Sit down” or “Clean your mess” has reached its limit.

I miss my time to just breathe and think, being able to sit in my campus space and read in silence, and definitely miss being able to run an errand or train for the next half alone.  Is that a bad thing?

I mean they made a commercial with a mother having similar emotions so I know I’m not the only parent READY for school to start…At the same time I also realize that a few days after school starts back up I will be missing them 🙂


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