What’s Cooking: Popsicles, Buckle, & Pasta


We have had quite a busy day today — Back-to-school Backpack rally and a birthday party. Unfortunately, we did not go to the farmer’s market since we still have no car as well we had to be at the rally early. The girls had fun at the rally eating snow cones and the bouncy slide.. and then the birthday party was at Kid’s Place. They have various forms of climbing and slides to do — very adventurous indoor playground. I even did one of the courses with the girls which was fun — not on my birthday month list BUT it was something an adult rarely gets to do 🙂

Blueberry Buckle

With the girls being home this week, I tried to make nice breakfasts so they did not get bored with just cereal or yogurt. The first new breakfast item I tried was this Blueberry Buckle that I got from the Beantown Baker recipes. I served it with an hardboiled egg , and remember I do not use cinnamon due to Little K’s allergies. I can say it was a success and had enough for another breakfast combo — the favorite part was the top crumbles even though mine didn’t resemble the recipe.

Yellow Watermelon Popsicles

I’ve been wanting to make our own popsicles and with us able to just veg at home we finally had the opportunity. The girls helped by putting the watermelon slices in the blender (little K), adding the sugar to the water, and stirring things together. Now the recipe, by At Creative Home, is for red watermelon and honeydew BUT I went with what was in the fridge. They tasted pretty good but probably should of stayed in the freezer a tad bit longer but the girls were pestering me about eating them. Our popsicle mold only makes four so I set the juice aside until the first batch was eaten.

Liguine with Creamy Broccoli Pesto Sauce

The last recipe we tried this week comes from the August  All You magazine and I have to say it was quite easy to make.  I used regular soy milk rather than heavy cream and I didn’t add the spices till the noodles were in (Oops). It tasted alright but needed more spices for us to eat.. I will say that it reminded me of boxed creamy broccoli pasta but was mixing something… I might experiment with this at some point.

What’s cooking at your house?


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