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Fab Five Fridays

Happy Friday – let’s go straight into our Fab Five for the week.

1 – Colt Trolley – as you know we took the trolly on Monday to run errands near the house since we are carless for the moment.

2 – Hammock ChairWorlds Apart, an eccletic store in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington,  has this hammock setup at their entrance.  It looked so relaxing — definitely something I hope to have when I graduate and purchase a home with land.

3 – Circus Horse – I’ve seen this horse while driving but finally got a chance to take an actual picture during our trolley ride.  This horse is one of 56 horses designed in 2000 for the Lexington Horsemania.

4 – Kitchen Plaque – Another cute item saw in Worlds Apart — I rarely burn food BUT I sure needed this when the girls were babies.

5 –Cow Jumped Over the Moon – We saw this while walking to the trolley stop.  It is part of the attic space of a house roof — so adorable!

If you remember I’m going to celebrate my “Birthday” month these next couple of weeks with the hopes of scratching off items from a list. Today I looked at a car and finally organized my photographs — granted I only grouped them based on the person and style of photographs. I will say it will make it much easier when I start scrapbooking.



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