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Moment of Truth: My Home Isn’t like Ikea

If you remember from last week’s Year to Come post I mentioned I would be focused on blogging on a daily basis.  One of the new style of posts I want to do is provide you a glimpse of my world – juggling my education, passions, and the girls –> Moment of Truth.

So I was trying to think about what should I reveal today and had one idea but came across a post by Only-Mama about being single and cleaning.  I easily related to this topic and thought YES I will post about how our home isn’t how I dream or plan for it to be — how my home was prior to the girls especially little K.  You know those rooms you see in the Ikea store or their newest catalog:


Granted I have Ikea furniture and accessories but our house looks like Tornado Miller and the Tazmanian Devil whirled through here.  Seems as if the only rooms in the house that remain decent are the kitchen and my bedroom.  Mainly because I wake up each morning and make my bed and try to leave it happy (i.e. a phrase coined by my mother — a happy bed is something that you desire to sleep in and is welcoming when its time for you to sleep).  The kitchen is clean because I am the only one that cooks but trust me it isn’t spotless for both K’s like to go in there and leave their toys/mess.  Here is a sample of my current stairwell entry:


I am sure most are thinking but you have two girls that are of age to clean — very true!  But my kiddos are LAZY and they would rather make the mess than clean the mess.. I mean putting all cards on the table my oldest will leave her clean clothes on her bed in piles and figure out a spot to sleep rather than put them away.  I will say that now that she knows she can make some $$$ to put in her checking account she does take the trash and recycle to the bins and will clean mirrors…AND yes I constantly have the talk on how they are so lazy and dirty and threaten to throw everything away – which motivates them to clean for a moment (band-aid treatment) but not even a day later the mess returns.  Several mornings start with them waking up to me fussing about the filth and how I will throw things away and I’m not the maid…

BUT I am the responsible one and basically I am the maid… See the sucky part of being single is that you have nobody to share the load with — it is just me.  I’m the one that has to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and whatever else keeps the home in order.  Some would say maybe I have messy traits — hmmm NOPE — my mother wouldn’t let us have a dirty home and prior to little K entering the world our home was clean and semi-organized… and prior to big K my house mirrored Ikea and Arhaus furniture.

I can’t put ALL of the blame on the girls for there are days when I just don’t feel like doing anything and the dishes remain dirty for I have coursework or other demanding concerns but it only lasts for a brief moment… I do have one area of the home that remains dirty which is my desk but I’m working on making it presentable despite it being easier to find things in the mess 🙂

I know I’m not the only one that goes through this.. better yet I know non-single parents that experience the same thing.  I’m part of the Flylady listserv and see testimonies of how her weekly plans help others stay cleaned and organized… and I’ve tried it a few times but it does not stick for whatever reason.  And I constantly make it a monthly goal but never achieve it.. Hopefully things will change since this fall I don’t have night classes which will require me to stay on top of things.

At least I got my new 2014 Ikea catalog today so I can dream….


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