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1 Year Blogoversary – Year in Review

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Hip Hop Horray – it is our 1 year Blogoversary! These next couple of days I’m going to highlight the year and talk about some additions/changes.  The focus of today’s post is the stats for the blog.

For the past year, The PhD Single Mom had

  • 129 posts
  • 58 blog followers
  • 995 views with 7 comments
  • the most viewed post back when we started – Thrifty Decor Bathroom
  • the most popular topics were related to my life and thrifty cooking

Although, I know tons of blogs have higher stats in one year — I’m happy with these statistics.  I have some changes/enhancements I want to make over the next year which I hope will increase the followers and viewers.  More about that tomorrow.

From a blogger perspective, I have had fun blogging and have seen my growth over the year.  Slowly I am exposing more about myself and my educational journey.  And personally I think the motivational and wisdom posts have helped in that exposure for initially I didn’t say much.  The past year of coursework enhanced my knowledge on concepts but the year of blogging and going through this journey have molded me more into Maranda.  I’m pretty sure it also has to do with my age — they do say wisdom comes with age:)

Tomorrow I will talk about the next year for the blog and my education….


BTW — The proposal that interrupted my post for yesterday is complete and submitted!  I have another one to submit BUT have a few weeks before the deadline.  My mission for the rest of the week is to work on an article revision and research for another joint article with my faculty advisor.

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