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Wednesday Wisdom – Failing is a good thing

I hope you are having a great week so far!  I finished my last summer course so now I have about a month before fall semester starts BUT I have two conference proposals, an article revision, research and work on a joint publication, and work on a joint presentation for an upcoming conference.  All related to my education and degree completion.. doesn’t include the other tasks for some projects working on — more to come soon.  Maybe all this busy work explains why the summer has gone by so fast I mean wow in a matter of weeks my oldest will be back in school (SECRET – I’m so happy about this).

Now time for the Wednesday Wisdom:


Unfortunately our society makes failure seem like a negative experience or emotion to possess.  Yes there are times that failure can really suck and negatively affect us BUT growth comes from failure.  Think about it — you get a bad grade on a test or paper and you are now focused to put in time and effort to achieve a better grade the next time around.  I mean if people gave up after a failure would we have electricity, smart technology, or innovative ways to clean water?

From another perspective failure should make a person reflect if they truly gave their all.  If maybe they are only giving 50% when they need to give 100%.  You know I’m sure I’ve had plenty of failed relationships which stemmed from me not putting enough effort into it…naturally at first when it ends I blamed the other person (LOL).



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