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Wednesday Wisdom: Are you Dreaming?

I don’t know about you but this week is just whizzing by.. reckon because I have various tasks floating around.  Have my course work, wrapped up IRB paperwork for submission today, article to revise for a potential publication, and then conference proposals.  It’s like all these conference proposals are due at once BUT this will be part of my life here on out which leads me to the Words of Wisdom for the week:


I have no idea where I saw this at but it was on my phone…You know I have a big dream – it steers some of my goals and ideas as it relates to my future professional role.  Naturally I have other dreams from a personal perspective but right now my focus is career mode especially with me being in doctoral school.  If I did not have dreams I would have never applied for this last and final degree…we need to dream and it has to be BIG.  It is funny that as a child it was nothing to dream and think of some doozies – part of our innocence.  Well folks dreaming should not stop once you become an certain age for it will prevent you from experiencing all the potential blessings your way.

So the question becomes are you dreaming?


P.S. – It is almost my one year anniversary for starting the blog….

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