Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Strength

Hope you are having a great week so far!  I can honestly say that these past couple of days have been okay — My body feels better and I had a good training running session yesterday.  While out with a friend and his nephew today I saw this quote as the wallpaper for his (friend’s nephew) phone:

Strength-doesnt-come-from-what-you-can-doAmazing words of advice and applicable in so many facets of my own life.  If I looked at this from a physical/health aspect — this is what pushes me to keep training.  As you know I completed my first half-marathon and I’ve already registered for my second one.  Right now I’m training to reduce my pace and trust me I’ve wanted to give up mid-session but completing it just gives me the best feeling…and that is the strength knowing that I reached my goal pace and kept going.

From a educational aspect — it is the completion of the course that lets me know I made it through…I had moments of throwing in the towel or not completing an assignment but I stayed on course.  Some would think the reward was the grade but for me the reward was finishing it and gaining more knowledge on the topic during the process.

From my own personal journey as a single mother.. the strength that keeps me focused when rough patches occur is knowing that I made it through one before.  Right now our money is tight till fall financial aid and the thing that keeps me going is knowing how we survived last summer (when we first moved here).  My faith is secure in knowing that I will be provided for.. that I wasn’t put on this journey to fail and at some point I can be a testimony for another single parent contemplating a similar journey.

All I can say is keep chugging away and know the source of your strength comes from being a conqueror.  I hope that this quote was a powerful for you as it was for me!



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