Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation – Determined to Learn

Happy Monday!  It’s a brand new week and matter of fact it’s July 4th week — fireworks and barbecue.  Not sure what me and the girls will have planned BUT it will be quite minimal for we are on a tight budget till fall financial aid..

Here is the motivational image for today:



It is amazing how a concise statement can have so much impact.  In the realm of education the question becomes “How bad do you want it?”.  If you really desire to learn something or earn a degree your determination will push past any hurdle/barrier placed on your path.  It is amazing when your determination opens the door for guidance and encouragement from others.  I’ve been very blessed to have professors to guide my steps on this doctoral path and provide opportunities for me to enhance my degree or lovely vitae.  Trust me I’ve had my share of hurdles and having to deal with one right now — they come in all forms finances, pressure, time, and family.  But you have to remember what the goal is and stay focused and have the faith in your completion.

Hope this little quote speaks to you!


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