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So yesterday as I was going to pick up the oldest from Girl Scout camp – I got rear ended. So I kind of took it slow afterwards for my body was hurting something fierce. I’m so grateful that it was just me in the car BUT have to wait to see the outcome for the person that hit me was in a company truck. Here is the damage:

Because of the wreck I’m posting my Fab Five a day late…

1 – Dream House/Cottage – My oldest had girl scout day camp this week which was quite a bit away from our home in the country part of Lexington.  I honestly loved making the drive each day (except yesterday after the wreck).. for it was peaceful and I love the country.  This cottage/house was a magnificent view and this is the back… unfortunately I didn’t get their pond in the picture…definitely something I could live in and when I get older I want something like it.

2 – Procrastination University – I saw this shirt when we were at Cedar Point but just now able to post.  The shirt definitely speaks my language — I have moments where I am a big procrastinator.  The guy wearing it said he got it online somewhere.. I might need to hunt for one as a gift.

3 – Antique Ford – Apparently there was a convention of antique cars in Lexington this week and they did a caravan on our main drag so it was neat seeing them from my front porch.  Some of the drivers were even dressed in the time period of their car.

4 – Legacy Trail –  Since my oldest has moments of being home with me over the summer I have to be creative in how I get my training in.. so she rides her bike while I’m running.  I thought we could try out a new trail closer to home.  The Legacy Trail goes about twelve miles but we only did 5 miles total.. It is definitely one I would need to do with someone for there were parts that were quite isolated.  At least for me I like being in a spot open to the public so no funny business can occur.

5 – Travel Display – This cute display was at the main library — neat way to promote travel with maps as mountains and then it had various travel themed items throughout.

Now due to the wreck I didn’t venture out to the farmer’s market today but will try to make a pit stop tomorrow if I am up to it.


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