Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Change the World

So this image popped up in my FB newsfeed today…

7440_466350883456652_286945072_nIt made me think — do we as humans consider our global footprint on our society?  Yes I might be a single mother of two girls and I might be in the lower income bracket — but I try to consider how I can change the world?  Just by doing this blog I hope that I encourage and/or motivate other single parents to reach their academic dreams.  To show that the label shouldn’t be a barrier but a fire to do more and reach higher.  I try to help in the education arena by my involvement with local parent teacher groups for I care about the impact of education and parental engagement on our society.

BUT there are areas where I still need to help and I still need to realize that even though my voice is small it can still be influential.  I hope that prior to my death I have made an impact and somehow instilled a fire for my children to do the same.

What are your thoughts?



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