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Monday Motivation – Money doesn’t make you

We returned from our Cedar Point vacation and I got busy with helping with my department’s summer camp so naturally NO post last week.  I’m rested and now it’s time to get back to “blogging”.  Today was pretty special for my oldest daughter started her own savings account through my bank. This is beneficial for now she can track her own savings as well it ensures she knows how to work with money.  She rolled her change and counted it prior to us going to the bank and paid close attention to the clerk while forming the account.  She has a goal amount to save before the year ends, and I have agreed to a weekly allowance.

The motivational quote for today relates to the financial event of the day:

df7fb5ce686ab8f6c1fbf1c1276aaaddI try my best to not let money make me nor determine my actions to others.  Prior to being a single parent, I had a well paying job which allowed me to travel and buy things but I always made sure to save for a rainy day.  And boy did it pay off for I was able to be home while my oldest was younger and freelance work.  Even though my current income is low I still try to put some away for a rainy day.  Despite how much income I bring in I truly believe saving is a powerful action and hopefully my girls will notice and perform it when they get older.

Does money make you?



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