Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

I know this is a late post but I was busying wrapping up my last assignment for my summer one course.  It has been a busy past couple of days for I am helping at a day camp for students interested in STEM plus had these last few assignments.

The Wednesday wisdom for the week is

425197_537400339658042_2071230692_nRemember that one of the keys to success is determination.  In my math courses we constantly talk about perseverance and that our students need it when they reach a difficult task.  Have you ever worked on something and when the going gets tough just throw in the towel?  Ironically after we throw in the towel we wonder what would have happened if we just kept working at it… I’ve had moments where I’ve thrown in the towel on tasks and then regret it or start all over.  Determined to achieve my dream or prove my naysayers wrong…. to finally be successful at the task/goal.



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