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The musical is over so now I can focus on my last two assignments for my first summer course.  Luckily I was able to stop by the farmer’s market yesterday to grab some items:

Farmer’s Market Goodies on June 1

We are going on vacation later this week so I really do not plan on doing anything major to save some funds. I really didn’t buy much at the market but I did get

  1.  Green leaf lettuce and eggs from Triple J Farm $4 (not in picture)
  2. Pattypan Squash $1.75
  3. Georgia peaches $3
  4. Kohlrabi  from Stonehedge Farm Produce $.75

Over the past two weeks I have tried quite a few different recipes and tried some spins on recipes we liked.  I am so tired right now so I PROMISE to write about them over the course of these next couple of posts on cooking.   For now I am off to bed!







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