Fab Findings

Fab Five Friday


My favorite part of the week – Fab Five Fridays!  My oldest daughter’s opening night went well and now just two more performances..and we only get a little bit of break for she is doing a theatre camp in July.

The Fab Five for the week:



1 – Fabric Box – This woven rags trunk was found in the Third Street Cafe last week.  It is a product of Cupcakes & Cartwheels, but I can not find it on their site.  The tag said the rags were woven together and were remnants from another product.

2 –  Vintage Clorox Bottle – I finally stopped in a store that I pass often – Decorator Warehouse – and lucked out finding another vintage bottle for my laundry room.  The great thing about this bottle is it says Clorox which is great for my bleach to be stored.

3 – Maurice’s invention – I helped doing the set for the musical by painting structures with fireproof paint and helping build the prop for Maurice.  I had so much fun working on this prop and it was great seeing it on the stage.

4 – Lillie’s Egg Doodle – I took my oldest to brunch one day this week to a neat little restaurant called Doodles.  This item is a spin on egg in a hole with biscuits rather than bread and was tasty.  The restaurant has a nice atmosphere/ambience and decent prices.  We will probably go back during the summer.

5 – Alcohol Lamp – While walking around Decorator Warehouse I saw this unique lamp.  The designer took an ordinary liquor bottle into a functional lamp.  I like how the paint comes down the bottle, and I have to say this is a great way to upcycle.

I hope you had some of your own findings!


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