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Try It Thursday – DIY Laundry Items Storage

Now that I have a little free time I can FINALLY work on some crafts and decorate our place.  The first room is my laundry room…. I know it might sound a little crazy BUT I want to walk into a nice looking room when I am doing my least favorite thing – washing (which with two kids I seem to do EVERY day).  I had my dad hang some wooden shelves that I painted (got them from our local Habitat for Humanity store) a sunny like green – it coordinates with a fabric that I am using for an upcoming project.  The shelves are used for decorative touches and my laundry supplies which I was tired of seeing on my dryer.

I am not a fan of the containers for my laundry supplies for they are not consistent colors. So I wanted to store them within unique containers that were cheap and cute.. Searching on Pinterest I saw an image for DIY Apothecary Jars and decided to do it myself….


  • Glass Jars with lids like spaghetti or pickle jars
  • Knobs (I got mine from Habitat for Humanity Store for $.50)
  • Paint for the lids and/or knobs (My paint was metallic silver)


  1. Clean the glass jars and remove their labels.  Now I soaked mine in water and what I couldn’t peel off was removed with Goof Off.
  2. Screw the knobs to the lid.  The screws that came with my knobs were to long so my lovely father shortened them so it would work properly.
  3. Paint lids and/or knobs.  I did 3 coats…You probably could use spray paint if you do not want to paint with a brush.

Voila you have your own cute apothecary jars!

I am going to add labels to the jars so I remember which powder is which, and I am on the search for cute bottles to use for my liquids.


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