Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Believe, Patient, Don’t Give Up


Our wisdom for the week is based off an image I saw in my facebook thread last week.  It is amazing how many inspirational/motivational images I see in one day 🙂  I am pretty sure I need to start clarifying who says them so others can properly reference…
183758_543401225731588_850737237_nIf we honestly sat and thought about how many dreams/goals we have fulfilled what would you come up with?  Typically people do not reach their dreams/goals because they gave up or did not believe it would come true.  Just like a child on their birthday we have to faithfully know our dream will come to reality, but we have to be persistent and patient.  I remember when I was single and no children I wanted to get my doctorate but changed my plans and went to work instead (thinking I will get it later).  After having my oldest daughter, I briefly gave up on ever fulfilling my goal and just focused on being a single mother..right before the birth of my second daughter I was determined and realized I had to get the doctorate but it wasn’t possible with two young girls (thoughts that ran through my head).  Now look at me – completed my first year of  classes! Even though our family (me and the girls) have rough moments I know that I can persevere and soon cross the finish line of doctoral school.  I realize it has taken me time to focus on this part of my education, but I wouldn’t trade that time for anything for I am enjoying motherhood and all the experiences that come with it.

What dreams/goals have you pushed the pause button on?  Take time, revive your belief, and persist for that achievement is closer than you think!






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