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Whats Cooking

I will be posting my weekly What’s Cooking on Sundays for the next couple of weeks since our typical Saturday schedule will include community garden,farmer’s market,musical practice/set work, and church…

Farmer’s Market Goodies on May 18th

It is finally here — Spring/Summer Farmer’s Market. My favorite time of the year for my fruit and vegetables are local and I can support farmers. Since it is just May most items at the market are your starter plants, greens, meat, and dairy. I lucked out with

  1.  Kale from Elmwood farm $1.50 (I’m going to attempt Kale Chips this week)
  2.  Green eggs from Triple J Farm $4
  3. 3 ears of mixed yellow/white corn $2.25
  4. Pound of green beans $2
  5. Bunch of Kohlrabi  $2

As you’ve know from my past posts on market goodies — I try to incorporate items into new recipes.  The mission for the upcoming week is to make Kale Chips and then not quite sure what I will do with Kohlrabi but I will be searching.  The farmer I bout it from said she sautes the top and then eats the bulb like a radish.

White and Regular Sweet Potatoes with Rainbow Chard
White and Regular Sweet Potatoes with Rainbow Chard

We basically had basic meals this week but I tried out a few new recipes. One of our meals was soy rib lets(from Morningstar) with rainbow swiss chard and orange/white sweet potatoes. All I do for my sweet potatoes is cut them thick, mix with olive oil and kosher salt, and then bake. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of them prior to eating so this is my leftover lunch 🙂

Taco Bundles with Mexican Rice, Side Salad and Guacamole

For mexican dinner, we had Meal Makeover Mom’s taco bundles homemade guacamole, side salad, and Pioneer Woman’s mexican rice.  Now I made modifications to the taco bundles by only using not much seasoning, black beans, corn, and cheese.. YUM! Since my girls are not into spicy things I tried to calm the rice down by using a different version of Rotel tomatoes and I also added green peppers and fresh rather than canned tomatoes.  We had tons of the rice leftover so next time I make I will have to cut the amount of rice.. I’m personally using the leftover mix for a burrito this coming week since I’m home for lunch.

What did you cook this past week?


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