Motivation & Wisdom

Words of Wisdom – Are you happy?

946597_536053026437420_1922245278_nIn our drive home today, my oldest daughter said “Mom I really don’t see you smile often.  You know you have to be happy so you can be popular and feel good”…. I don’t fully agree with her statement for I’m not the one that wants to be popular, but I agree that every now and then I rarely smile.. ESPECIALLY when I have tons of assignments or just a tad bit stressed.  I thought that our discussion coincides with this quote image I saw the other day.. Everyone, especially single parents, have to remember to take care of themselves while also taking care of others.  As you remember in February, I did some self love posts and that is part of what means to take care of yourself.  The question becomes do you love yourself, have you made your happiness a priority?

I know that I’m getting better at taking time for me and loving myself.. what about you?



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