Fab Findings

Fab Five Fridays

It is Friday – whew.. what a week.. I started a new class, helped chaperone a field trip, ran errands, and registered for my 2nd half marathon.. Here are a few fabulous finds that I have come across over the past couple of weeks.  (I think it is ironic that I have noticed items a few weeks ago and still using them)


1 – Boxed Art – While walking through our local interior consignment, Room Service, I noticed these artistic boxes.  There were various ones but I took a picture of these.. I’m going to attempt to make my own later in the summer.

2 – Neat Ice Trays -Being a math person, I was naturally intrigued by these hexagon ice cube trays by Outset.  There were also these resuable guitar shaped ice molds…

3 – Storm Sewer Drain Mural #2 – As you saw last week I’ve noticed a few storm sewer drain murals in the city.  I finally got a chance to take a picture of another one.  After doing some research, I’ve learned that the drains were part of a 2010 project called Made You Look..Two artists, Blake Eames and Claudia Kane Michler, painted 30 drains in an effort to encourage people to look down and appreciate the environmental benefit of storm sewer drains and water quality.  I’ve gotten 2 so 28 more to go..

4 – Good Mediterranean Food – I finally got to eat food from a restaurant near campus – Sarah Mediterranean Grill.  I got a platter which had a salad, hummus, pita bread, grape leaves, and falafel.  YUM it was so freakn good that I was using my fingers to get more hummus when I ran out of pita bread.  I have tried a couple places for my mediterranean cravings and FINALLY found my spot.

5 – Edible Plants – The arboretum planted the lettuce with other plants about three weeks ago and look how they’ve blossomed.  I thought it was a nice picture with the sculpture in the background… I can honestly say I really like running at the arboretum for it provides a nice scenic view while my feet hit the pavement.

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