Motivation & Wisdom

Words of Wisdom – Set Yourself Free

318075_486297214744631_1922156832_nWhen I first had my oldest daughter, I felt people judged me for being a single mother…that they grouped me with negative stereotypes of single mothers.  I can honestly say that I even felt ashamed….but soon I learned that I was shackling myself with the chains of shame and guilt not anyone else.  I decided to let it go and embrace the responsibility of motherhood.  Trust me that was the wisest thing I ever did — it is not fun being bound to a terrible emotion for it’s like a negative cloud following you around — BLAH.

Now as we get close to Mother’s Day I can honestly say I LOVE being a mother and better yet I’m fine being a single mother. I am not going to lie there are rough moments where I wish someone else was around helping out — like when I need to write a paper and the house looks like a hurricane hit.  But I remember that I’m not alone — I have friends and family here to support me and the girls.  It is a joy seeing them happy when I pick them up from school or when we just all lay on the couch together.. I’m blessed to be crowded in the bed by two bodies that feel safe and secure in my presence.  I honestly can’t see my life without Big and Little K.. I wonder how this journey would be if there wasn’t the two by my side and I know it probably wouldn’t.

There are tons of things that bound people in their own personal chains – drugs, relationships, opinions.. Even though we seek for others to help us break free the realization is that only you can set yourself free.  It is a hard thing to do BUT amazing power occurs once it is done.

Are you bound by something — take the step today to free yourself and embrace who you are and what you will be!



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