What’s Cooking: Baked Beans, Tomato-Corn Salad, Spinach & Mushroom Alfredo

Even though I was focused with my head in the books and papers these past couple of weeks – – I still cooked!  Here are a few of the items I tried.


Spinach & Mushroom Linguine Alfredo – Got this recipe from a blog called Just Putzing Around the Kitchen.  It tasted yummy and my kiddos ate it despite their dislike of mushrooms.  Additionally this method of creating alfredo sauce was quite easy so doubt I will be purchasing anything in a jar anymore  🙂


Homemade Baked Beans – Yesterday was Derby which is a local holiday here in Kentucky.  I didn’t go to Louisville since my oldest is busy with practice for an upcoming musical performance…so I made us some Derby type food – Veggie Riblets(by morningstar), homemade potato salad, a corn-tomato salad, and homemade baked beans.  As you know I’m trying to get away from processed foods so after searching I found a recipe that I slightly modified from Pickles and Honey.  My kiddos are not fans of onions so I just barely put any in and I added some green peppers and brown sugar.  YUM YUM YUM..taste so good.  The girls had two helpings of the beans so it will definitely be a recipe often used in our house 🙂


Tomato and Corn Salad – Typically when I have barbecue I have fried corn but wanted to try this recipe that I pulled out of a magazine.  All you need to do is mix shucked corn, some green peppers, cherry/grape tomatoes, olive oil, and salt/pepper.

So what has been cooking in your kitchen?


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