Fab Findings

Fab Five Friday

So I have been MIA this past week due to Derby Festival Half-Marathon and final assignments… I’m so proud of myself I finally completed my first half-marathon 🙂  It was intense but I finished which is all that matters… I now want to do another — man they are addictive.  The Spring semester is now over but I start my first summer course in a few days… hopefully I can get back into the swing of posting now that my coursework will be a little lighter.

Here is the Fab Five of the Week



1 – Ladybug Painted Sewer Drain – throughout downtown Lexington there are painted sewer drains — I’m going to try to get a picture of each one for I think they are quite neat.  This one is near the post office on High street.

2 – Vintage Stool and Oil Can – I was searching on Craigslist for some shelves or wire crates and learned of a home sale in Louisville.  We were there for the marathon and I wanted the crates…well the crates got bought before I got to the place but instead landing these two vintage items.  The can will go on my kitchen table with flowers OR I might put in my vintage laundry room…and the stool will be a plant stand.  I plan on sanding it down and painting it to match my kitchen — summer project.

3 – Cute Pillow – what a cute pillow to sit on your porch or sunroom.. Just a reminder to enjoy life to the fullest.  I think I saw this at Target — I can’t remember for I’ve been to several stores this week looking for random items.

4 – Fabric desk chair – I saw this at Scout Antique & Modern the other day.  I have NOWHERE to put it but I thought the shape and design was unique.

5 – Geometric Fun – One of my classes this semester was a Geometry Seminar course where we learned different activities to try with students.  We made shapes using rods and balls during our last session — I had fun building so took a picture.

Did you have any Fab Finds for the week?


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