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Fab Five Friday

Let’s see this week I was busy with assignments and getting spring/summer clothes for the girls… I don’t get to buy ahead like I did in the past since our budget is smaller so gratefully the weather didn’t start being nice till this week. I also reached over 8 miles in one training session..I can’t believe it will 2 weeks away for my first half-marathon 🙂

Here are my Fab Finds for the week


1 – Guitar Tree Art – This art piece is mounted on a house that we pass when taking a particular route home.  I’ve always admired it just needed a clear sunny day to take a decent picture.  The unique aspect about the guitar is how it looks formed by a tree.

2 –Bottle Tree – As you know I run at the university arboretum and never went close to the rose garden due to weather.  This tree is within the garden so it was neat to see it up close and personal.  Since I had never heard of bottle trees before the legend was intriguing – gets rid of haints (evil spirits).

3 – City Art Mural – The weather was my friend this week – this is another art mural we pass.  I have to say that I really like how Lexington has different artsy murals downtown 🙂

4 – New Houseplants – The horticulture club on campus had an open greenhouse sale today and I purchased some new houseplants.  The corkscrew succulents are so adorable and they have magnets on the back so we can put on the refrigerator.  The other two plants are a goldfish plant and a donkeys ear…Besides being able to support a student group it was cool getting a unique houseplant.  They had herbs and veggies but I’m not sure about doing veggies in containers.

5 – Birdhouse – Saw this birdhouse near the restrooms at the arboretum which promotes an upcoming birdhouse exhibit they are having.  The gold bird is what makes it  beautiful.

Did you have any fabulous finds this week?


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