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Fab Five Fridays

It has been a week of papers and low sleep… while the girls were gone for a few days I stayed up late or did an all-nighter to work on papers for two courses… Over the weekend I have more papers to work on which are due over the next two weeks….

Here is this weeks fab five items:20130405-203137.jpg

1 –Monogram Utility Bags – These adorable bags were given to the girls as Easter baskets from their godmother.  They come from the Thirty One which I had never heard of before.  Once the candy is out these will sit on their art table and hold their crayons/pencils.

2, 3, 4 – Views of Natural Bridge Area – I had to go to Beattyville, KY this week to help with a new research study on motivation in kids.  You have to drive through Natural Bridge to get there so I got some shots of nature which as you know I LOVE the outdoors.  My favorite is the waterfall picture… It was 7ish in the morning so had the freedom to just stop my car and take the picture… I hope to take the girls this summer for a camping trip.

5 – Airbnb.com – While looking through a magazine at the doctors I saw an article about the site.  We are not traveling this week but interesting concept of how you can rent a home/apartment from anywhere in the world.   Check it out…


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