What’s Cooking – Pop Tarts, Pretzel Melts, and Banana Chocolate Cookies

Despite being sick I tried to cook food over the week…


Peach-Strawberry Pop Tarts – I am a fan of pop tarts, but can’t justify spending so much money on them.  And lets be honest they are sugar overload 🙂  I researched it and found a recipe willing to try – thanks to Brown Eyed Baker.  Let me just say these were a success and the girls ate all but two in one sitting (this includes me as well).  I did a peach strawberry filling which was frozen peaches, fresh strawberries, brown sugar, and cornstarch.  These will be made again and I actually might double the recipe so can freeze them.


Portabella Pretzel Melt – We saw the pretzel buns in the discount bakery section of the grocery and so I thought – time to make a melt.  The girls are not fans of mushrooms so they had turkey burger for their melts… Nothing major here marinate the portabella with wortcheshire sauce then saute with onions top with provolone and place between the pretzel bun.  I partnered our melts with homemade steak fries…


Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – We had some bananas that needed to get used so I tried out a recipe from Taste of Home.  Another success for the week!  The girls loved these cookies and what can I say – even though I was sick I thought they were pretty yummy.  I will say it has a cake like consistency which might make out better for a bread loaf.

I will pre-warn you that the girls are going away for a few days so not much cooking will occur but I want to try a cookie recipe I saw.  It is nice having a healthy homemade snack in the house when we get home from school…(LOL I still think that is funny all of us are students).


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