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Fab Five

So I’m a day behind – -I will be honest by the time I got home last night I knocked out…Between punch class and shopping with the girls my body said time to rest… So fab five is today and I’ll do What’s cooking tomorrow…



1 – Nation of Nations – I hung out in the main library this week to recruit students for one of my pilot studies..I’ve been in the library before but never paid attention to it.. Powerful compilation of panels that pay homage to the phrases “My country”, “Of Thee”, “I Sing”, “Sweet Land”, “Of Liberty”, “Oh Beautiful”, “Crowned”, “Thy Good”, “Sea 2”, “Shining” which all associate with a different culture.  In the upper most part of the panels the phrase “Have Mercy on Us” is translated in its associated culture.   You can learn more at the artist, Marjorie Guyon, website.

2 – Graffiti Style Mural – I see this mural just about everyday but only pieces for it is usually blocked by a truck or something.  It resides in the art annex/storage area of campus.  Just love the mushrooms 🙂

3 – Cool Pillows – While shopping with the girls at Burlington these pillows were on display.. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the designer’s name for the girls were fighting in the cart… Joy of shopping with your two young kids..

4 – Happy Easter Bird – Saw this while out shopping and that it was a cute way to express spring and easter.. Has that renewal or new life appeal about it.

5 – School Chair – What a cute find at the local Goodwill.  I didn’t purchase it BUT they had 5 of them and I’m really considering going back and getting one since only $7.50..just not sure what I would do with it.

Did you have any great finds for the week?


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