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Fab Five Friday

Man what a week — I’m so glad it is Friday and that next week is spring break.. ironically you really don’t get spring break as a graduate student 🙂 I have a few free-your mind activities mixed in with my homework and grading….

Here are my Fab 5 for the week:


1 – I got to travel on the Bluegrass Parkway today as I headed to a board meeting..Passing Versailles, KY and what do I see this nicely painted water tower. It is a nice welcoming view to the town (or leaving). I did a quick search and the artist is Eric Henn.

2 – I’ve been a fan of artist Jennifer Zingg when I saw a sculpture piece in Louisville.  Well earlier this week she posted on her fb page some new work she is making… the turtles are so cute but I like the women figures.

3 – I finally made it into a art exhibit at the Lexington Arts Place where my oldest has her drama/dance/vocal practice.  I liked this piece by artist Caper West.

4 – Saw this neat looking Easter decoration at Michaels the other day.. I like the chicks for they have a feathery texture…Unfortunately they didn’t have anymore individual ones to purchase…

5 – So if your from Kentucky you know about this castle which isn’t anything new for me.  But I just liked my view while I was at the red light coming back from my trip.  Those not from Kentucky this is in Versailles.. you have to pay an arm and a leg to stay the night but it is a pretty view.


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