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Thursday try it – Children’s art

I finally finished a project I started back in the summer…something to keep the girls’ artwork besides my refrigerator 🙂 It was very easy to do so I wanted to provide you the steps for you to try.



  • Wood Plaque
  • Wood laundry clips (you could easily use plastic ones to save time)
  • Stencils in whatever font you desire
  • Paint – whatever color you desire for your wood plaque
  • Paint for your letters and clips (I used two colors)
  • Thick ribbon of alternating colors (I got the style used for belts)


20130307-115710.jpg 20130307-115658.jpg

I found the wood plaque at Goodwill for $3 and it was brand new! So I got white paint from Home Depot and painted two coats on the plaque.  Using my stencils I painted the phrase “Miller Girl’s Art” on the plaque — I drew a line as a guide for the letters to sit and didn’t properly space out the words… SO ART is painted in a funky manner which the girls seem to like. I personally didn’t like using the stencil while painting so for future projects I will draw the letters and then paint. I also painted my laundry clips to match the colors.

20130307-115722.jpg 20130307-115729.jpg 20130307-115736.jpg

Once everything is painted I attached the ribbon and hardware to the back.  The ribbon is attached with spray adhesive and secured in place with the sawtooth hangers. I added additional sawtooth hangers on both ends of the plaque. WORD OF ADVICE – be careful on hammering in the hangers… I should of placed them in the thicker part but hammered to where some of the nail came through the plaque…

Now you just hang it on the wall and start hanging up your little one’s masterpieces.


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