What’s cooking: Chicken Parmesan, Poke Cake, and Quiche

An interesting week of successful and failed recipes.. I’m only showing the ones that went good..BUT I will say that after a messed up attempt at fried rice I learned what needs to take place and plan on trying it again this coming week…


Banana Pudding Poke Cake — I saw this recipe on a Pinterest site and just had to try it out since I love banana pudding.  I used soy milk for our pudding and hmmm forgot to leave the pudding layer after getting it in the poke holes 😦  But it still tasted GREAT and will definitely make it again.  You can get the actual recipe here, and while there you will notice other interesting ones to try.


Chicken Parmesan Muffins – I like the muffin style meals!  I love eggplant parm and the girls like chicken parm so thought I would try this recipe when I saw it.  Rather than serving it with noodles I did mashed potatoes which was a new twist.  My oldest said they were a little salty and that I didn’t put enough cheese…


Black Bean Taco Ring – I didn’t use a recipe for this for I’ve seen these things before and just wanted to experiment for taco night.  I only used 8 crescent triangles since we don’t have a pizza stone right now.  The girls ate majority of it so reckon it was a success.  I will say that I used the crockpot to make the beans which saved me soaking and boiling.

20130302-195059.jpg 20130302-195110.jpg

Bacon Egg and Cheese Mini-Quiches – I have been wanting to try a quiche but didn’t want to make a big one so when I saw these minis I had to try it out. They turned out pretty good and served with a fruit salad, BUT my oldest was not a fan so not sure if I’ll be making them anytime soon. Maybe I will try a big one for a special holiday brunch.

So what have you been cooking this week? I have a few recipes planned next week so hopefully they are a success.. I want to try making a crockpot recipe so if you have a suggestion please post a comment 🙂

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